Exocad Insights

On 21 and 22 September 2020 the exocadInsights 2020 specialist event of the exocad software company took place as a global hybrid event in the darmstadtium congress centre. Thanks to a well thought-out hygiene concept, it was possible even in times of Covid to hold the 2-day congress for dental technicians and dentists, together with an exhibition, workshops and an evening event. In cooperation with our long-term business partner and event expert Sabine Mathias, who developed the hygiene concept, we were able to realise this event both online and offline. An integral part of the hygiene concept consisted of our Intellitags, which were used to measure distances, and our Feverscan, which measured the body temperature of all arriving participants.

Around 300 dental technicians and dentists visited the event and the exhibition with 41 partner companies in the darmstadium international congress centre. Around 1600 users of digital technologies in laboratories and practices from 55 countries took part via livestream,

The online participants were able to navigate virtually to the stands of their choice. Together with Serena Santoro (Sales Manager EMEA at exocad) our camera team walked through the exhibition, which all online participants were able to follow via livestream.

Thanks to the hybrid event the organisers succeeded in reaching far more participants than would have been possible with a purely physical event.