Carl Technic

Our Carl Technic unit develops innovative solutions in the field of event technology – especially for high-quality corporate events. Our event-focussed, ambitious team is always on the lookout for new trends and technical innovations. In this way we enable our customers to implement their live events to future-oriented, modern and above all technically perfect, high-end standards – not only in the real world but also digitally and virtually at any time. Our aspiration is to set new standards with our smart solutions.


Project management
The services we offer our customers revolve around one person, your project manager.
From planning to implementation, the project manager is your exclusive contact person. He or she brings together all areas of event planning and event technology in order to implement your ideas and wishes. For an optimal result, your project manager coordinates the technical and content requirements with our specialists from the individual departments…
– we create solutions –

Event planning 2D/3D

With a 3D visualisation your ideas and ours become visible even before the event. During all phases of the planning process you have control over the content and appearance of your event.

  • 3D visualisation of room and stage design
  • 3D visualisation of the event technology
  • 3D design and rendering
  • Visualisation of the lighting design
  • Visualisation of the set design
  • Visualisation of the multimedia concept
  • 2D CAD planning of technical operations
  • Premium-quality Easyraum 3D CAD renderings
  • Vectorworks 2D and 3D presentation and design

Stages and trusses

Stages and trusses are the supporting elements of event technology. They are the foundation for the implementation of our ideas. No event can do without a professional substructure and truss system.

Our specialist department plans your event in all imaginable forms and special configurations, always with all the legally required safety provisions in mind.

  • Planning and implementation of stages and sets
  • Planning and implementation of trusses and rigging
  • Load calculations, proof of stability, statics
  • System and custom designs
  • Stage platforms
  • Grandstands
  • Trusses
  • Motors, motor controls
  • Lifting equipment

Lighting equipment

Effective lighting creates more emotional responses than any other aspect of event technology.
Let our lighting designers showcase your event – you’ll be impressed!

  • Lighting design and technical implementation
  • Energy supply planning
  • Conventional spotlights
  • Moving-head spotlights
  • LED spotlights
  • Battery-operated LED spotlights
  • Lighting effects
  • Tracking spotlights
  • Outdoor and effect spotlights
  • Architectural spotlights
  • Digital lighting controls

Media equipment

In event communication, it’s the fascinating images that remain in our memories the longest. We have the ideal equipment for your message and visual presentation.

We produce the appropriate content in our creative in-house OnScreen unit.

  • Projectors
  • LCD displays
  • LED panels – for indoor and outdoor use
  • Screens, panorama screens, special formats
  • HD and UHD camera equipment
  • Video processes, screen management
  • Ventuz 3D real-time graphic system
  • Event IT, media servers
  • Live streaming
  • Recordings
  • Video production and editing in our own studio

Pre-production of customer presentations

Trade fair stand and set construction

We stylishly showcase your brand with our trade fair stand and set construction. From the stage backdrop to the complete trade fair stand, our specialists will enhance your corporate identity.

  • Conception and 3D visualisation, renderings
  • Design of interactive media equipment
  • Stage construction
  • Set design
  • System stand construction with the BeMatrix exhibition wall system
  • Integration of LED walls in the BeMatrix exhibition wall system
  • Fabric prints with sewn-in piping (for BeMatrix)
  • Furniture and objects
  • Presentation systems and signage
  • Custom-made exhibition construction elements
  • Professional assembly

Structural analysis, construction book, electricity, water

Sound equipment

The acoustic transmission of content is an essential part of an event. Whether it’s clearly understandable speech or impact-making music…

Our sound specialists have the right solution for every requirement.

  • Planning and acoustic simulation
  • State-of-the-art PA equipment
  • Directional sound amplification with line array systems
  • Microphones for every application
  • Conference equipment
  • Digital mixing consoles
  • Digital signal processing, incl. runtime corrections
  • Digital signal routing
  • Intercom systems
  • Interpreting equipment
  • Power amplifiers, playing equipment

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