OnScreen - Content Production

Storytelling is the key.
You present the idea and we support you with the content and its preparation.

What we offer

Content is king! Events thrive on good content. If an event has an interesting story which is also well presented, passive spectators become enthusiastic participants. Our Onscreen unit supports you in preparing your content and designs and produces all the media you need. This turns your event into a highlight – with strong content, visual perfection and an interactive experience.

Webcast Platform

Which streaming platform is the right one? Since there is no general answer to this question, we offer you a targeted solution for your digital event. Customised for your objectives, your target group and your budget, we will provide you with an optimised selection of possible variants.

  • stream to your own website or intranet
  • stream on social media platforms (such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • develop a basic CI-compliant landing page
  • design a comprehensive GDPR-compliant, CI-compliant webcast platform
  • create a virtual reality experience with AllSeated exVo

Under this link you will find an example of video streaming on a landing page we have created: https://hamburg-at-work.goes-virtual.de/

Visual showcasing

Every event should also be a visual highlight for its participants. If all the media are coordinated with each other in terms of visual language and design, an aesthetically impact-making overall picture is created. With the right images, every message can be supported. We produce all the media you need for your event and put you and your content in exactly the right light.

  • Development of images / screen backgrounds
  • Design of lower-screen inserts
  • Data visualisations (presentations)
  • Real-time graphics system / visualisations
  • 3D motion design (products & brands)
  • Animation of logos
  • Production of jingles
  • Soft-edge projections
  • LED & display walls

Interactive Tools

Interaction turns simple participants into active players and promotes dialogue among all participants. This is the goal we want to achieve with our interactive tools. After all, an involved audience participates in every event in a much more concentrated and enthusiastic manner. Whether with or without an editorial system – Onscreen offers the right interactive variants for your event:

  • Voting tools
  • Q&As
  • Live chat with or without an editing system
  • Integration of social media posts / social media wall
  • Digital whiteboard
  • Digital & real photo box
  • VR & AR applications
  • Gesture controls
  • Gamification & games app
  • Touch screen programming
  • Interactive installations

Video- / Post-production

Videos arouse emotions. Content can often be conveyed more effectively with moving images than on a mere soundtrack. The right opening video creates an emotional impact right from the start of the event. Our team accompanies you from filming to production to post-production. Together we bring your content into motion:

  • Opening videos
  • Pre-production of event content
  • Interviews, keynote speeches & podium discussions
  • Product films, explanatory films
  • Video documentation

Social Media Integration

These days the integration of social media plays a huge role on many levels. With our SendOnscreen tool, social media posts can be integrated live into the event. This not only creates interaction, but also credibility. And that’s not all. The images and sound recordings we produce can be processed by us as a post-event report so that you can continue to use them on your social media channels. This is not only effective, but also meaningful.

  • Social media wall
  • Social media posts
  • Native videos for social media
  • Documentation for employer branding
  • Webinars
  • Blog posts

AllSeated – Digital Live Expo

3D movement in space – virtually, too! If you wish to give your participants the chance to experience the trade fair and event space as a virtual reality location and to move around in it yourself, exVo by AllSeated is the ideal platform for you. Based on “Realview” views, recorded by us in the highest quality using a Matterport camera, your company (conference) rooms can also be presented as a 3D model and staged as a conference location in an experience-oriented way. Alternatively, our existing 3D event spaces are also available to you.

  • 360° scan of your location
  • True-to-scale visualisation
  • Virtual experience on all devices (web, smartphone, tablet, PC + VR headset)
  • Event planning in a shared 3D space on a cloud-based platform with an integrated video tool
  • Participant management
  • Virtual viewing of event spaces and layouts from anywhere
  • Live, interactive networking
  • Creation of your own exhibitor and sponsor world
  • Live conferences and meetings in real time

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