Choosing the right online plattform

One of the most important questions for virtual events is the platform on which the audience can follow the streaming. There is no general answer for this, as every digital event needs an individual solution.
We therefore offer various options that are specifically tailored to your event, your target group and your budget. Whether you want to stream on a social media platform (such as Youtube, Facebook or Instagram), a DSGVO-compliant, CI-compatible simple landing page or an extensive webcast platform.


For your livestreaming event we create an individualized landingpage on template basis according to your ideas: Completely customizable with your own password protected login area or access. Ideal for one to many streaming. Accessible on all browser-enabled devices.

  • Integration of interaction tools (Mentimeter, TEDME, SendOnScreen)
  • Integration of individual subpages
  • Upload functions for videos, photos and documents
  • Program display with iCal calendar function
  • Sponsor integration
  • FAQ and help desk

We would be happy to advise you, present the various options and decide together which solution is best for your event.

Interactive online plattform

We offer an interactive video conferencing platform for events, trainings and meetings. The platform is easy to use and has various interaction options.

The central live stream takes place on the main stage and video conference rooms are available for decentralized workshops, breakouts or other streams. These can be accessed without a media break, i.e. they are used directly in the tool.

The platform also offers maximum involvement and thus a very high activation of the viewers at the monitors.

The video conferencing platform consists of different areas:

  • Lobby
  • Main Stage
  • Rooms
  • Networking
  • Attendees

Please contact us for more information.